founded April 12, 2012

Our address: 81 Nevskiy Prospekt, entrance to the right of the arch, second floor.

We’re open every day from Sunday thru Thursday from 11AM to midnight, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 11AM-7AM

A minute costs 3 rubbles for 1st hour, then 2 rubbles, if you stay more than 4 hours counting stops, so 540 rubbles is maximum amount you can spent here per a day.

Our telephone: +7 (960) 285-69-46

We’re always open to questions, answers, ideas, proposals, and chances to work together.
Write to us!

Ziferblat is home to a great many interesting and surprising events. You can follow the news on the Russian version of the website or on our pages in various social networks.


Циферблат на Невском, 81 больше не встречает гостей. 12-го января в 19:00 открываем свои двери в Доме Культуры на Стачках, 72. До встречи!