Ziferblat Saint-Petersburg Nevsky

Dear friends! Clockface is a kind of space in the very heart of the big city you can always come over to as if it were a place of a good friend of yours. Here people meet up, chat up, get busy, mind their or other people’s business, stand up, sit down, play chess, think up, make up, create, other words — get involved. You can make yourself a cup of good old tea or coffee and grab some cookies. We even cook breakfast every morning. You should remember that there’s absolutely no place for smoking, drinking or swearing on our Clockface!  We do our best to make your creativity proliferate and pour out of you in all ways and directions, but we wait for your open mind and craving for repose in response.

Amid hands and numbers you can find Internet, live music, language clubs on our Clock-face; lectures, library, crayon-and-paper related things are always at your service as well…

And we charge you only for time! From 1st to 4th hour in a day just two roubles per minute and than free.

This is where and when you can find us: 81, Nevsky prospekt First door on the right of the archway In case if you get lost or get lonesome dial +7 (960) 285 69 46